Birthing Workshop

Preparation for Birth using massage Workshops (£45 per couple) / Workshop for Midwives (fee via MidSoc)

Next workshop date(s):

1pm - 3pm Saturday 20th October 2018, Macknade Fine Foods, Small Hall, Selling Road, Faversham

1-3pm Saturday 15th December 2018, Macknade Fine Foods, Small Hall, Selling Road, Faversham

Workshops for Midwives/Trainee Midwives - Dec 2018/2019 (Please contact your MidSoc rep or call me for more info on dates/times)
Pregnancy and birth can be a daunting experience for both parents, especially when you have not experienced it before. Information is readily available to read in books and online, and well meaning friends and family always have words of wisdom and advice...all of which can be valuable sources of information. Combined with information gained during antenatal courses it is easy to feel overloaded but yet not quite fully informed.

The area of preparation that is so often missed is the practical side - actually practising relaxation and breathing techniques, finding out about how to be active during labour and having a go at trying out birthing positions and massage techniques to aid in natural pain relief. This is also a brilliant opportunity for birthing partners to develop their role before the big event and learn a few new skills to help you both deal with whatever happens during your labour.

Why does the workshop include Massage? Massage during pregnancy & labour is a wonderful practical tool which you and your chosen birth partner can use to lessen anxiety and help with pain relief and our workshop has been devised with this in mind. Massage can be of particular use in the early stages of labour when stronger pain relief may not be needed to make you feel more comfortable. It can be used during home births or in situations where you have decided on a birthing plan which excludes certain types of pain management and offers many benefits to both you, your partner and your baby.

Massage during labour is particularly complementary to active birth situations and can give your birth partner an active role and enable them to feel more involved in the birth.

 Benefits of Massage during Labour  Massage for labour has been used for many years, throughout many societies and is the oldest form of natural pain relief for women in labour. It offers many natural benefits including:- 

  • Stimulates the release of pain relieving hormones (endorphines)
  • Helps to minimise the release of adrenaline which increases anxiety and stress levels in both mum and baby
  • Blocks pain messages being sent to the brain
  • Helps to loosen muscles
  • Boosts circulation and helps oxygen and nutrients get to muscles working on overtime!
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Releases 'feel good' and 'love' hormones (oxytocin) which helps to progress labour and expel the placenta
  • Increased levels of oxytocin aids the bonding process between mum and baby
  • Helps release prolactin which helps to stimulate milk production
  • Helps to re-assure mum to be
  • Can lessen the anxiety of birth partner by giving them a positive role

Workshops are held in the Faversham & Whitstable areas on a regular basis. For information on the next Preparation for Birth Workshop click here or call Michelle on 07917-765551 or e-mail If you would like to book a workshop, massage or course for someone else then please see further information on the Gifts and Vouchers page

Private Massage for Birth Workshop (£85 per couple) If you would prefer to do the workshop with just your partner, this can be done at my studio in Faversham or at your own home (location specific). For more details, please call 07917-765551 or email

For further details call Michelle Southworth on 07917 765551 or e-mail