Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga 

Millie & Monty Mum & Baby Yoga courses are now running in Faversham and Whitstable. Additional courses in the Sittingbourne and Maidstone areas re-start in September 2015.

The course, based on traditional Yoga techniques, runs for one hour, weekly over 5 weeks and will cover:-

-Relaxation for you and baby

-Gentle stretching and massage for baby

-Breathing techniques and gentle stretching for you

In addition to the course, a weekly drop in session will be available to you when you have completed the course. (See Millie & Monty Relaxation Hour)

 What is Baby Yoga used for?

During the early years, a child learns with their bodies before they learn with their minds so pyhsical activity aids the development of both brain and body. Millie & Monty Baby Yoga uses stretches and relaxing movements alongside fun rhymes and songs to aid in overall development, helps support posture, improve balance, promotes bettwe motor development and can lead to enhanced future learning.

Millie & Monty Baby Yoga will also help to tone post pregnancy pelvic and back muscles by learning simple postures and stretches that can be easily used at home with baby. It also encourages eye contact between mum and baby which can promote enhanced bonding, 'special time' and nurturing touch with baby.

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For more information please call Michelle on 07917-765551 to discsuss


For further details call Michelle Southworth on 07917 765551 or e-mail