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Benefits of Baby Yoga

Benefits for your baby

- Improved sleep - during the hour session your baby will be handled and stimulated as much as they normally would in a whole day. This level of activity and stimulation will normally help a baby to benefit from improved daytime naps and night time sleeping patterns

- Aids digestion

- Strengthens and aids development

- Promotes greater activity levels and deeper relaxation during the class and when you practice at home

- Helps to settle your baby by encouraging the use of activity as part of your daily structure and routine which babies are proven to respond to

Benefits for Mums

 - Helps to regain strength and muscle tone

- Improves posture

- Tones pelvic floor and abdominals

- Promotes confident handling of your new baby

- Enhances bond with baby

- Promotes deep relaxation

- Promotes enhanced communication between mum & baby

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