Millie & Monty Baby Massage Groups - £57/£61 (location dependant)

Meet new Mums (& Dads) and babies in your local area. Groups contain between 5 & 10 parents/ carers with babies and run weekly for approx 60 minutes over 5 weeks. Courses are available in Faversham, Sittingbourne & Whitstable every 6/7 weeks. These classes are very gentle & calming and are suitable for newborns (including premature) thru to pre-crawlers

Millie & Monty Baby Massage Home/NCT Groups - £55

Enjoy learning baby massage in the comfort of your own home with other friends who have babies (i.e NCT groups). Home groups typically contain 4-8 parents/carer and babies (house size dependant!) and run weekly for approx 60 minutes over 5 weeks. Suitable for newborns (including premature) thru to early crawlers

Millie & Monty Baby Massage 1-2-1 Course - £85

Learn baby massage in your own home (or Michelle's studio by arrangement) on a one to one basis or involve your partner, other siblings or grandparents. Private sessions run weekly for 60 minutes over 4 weeks. Suitable for newborn (including premature) upto early crawlers.

Millie & Monty Story Massage & Movement - £57/£61 (location dependant)

Story Massage & Movement Classes are designed for slightly older babies who are starting to show interest in sitting (wobbly sitters) onwards through to early walkers

These weekly themed sessions combine traditional baby massage techniques with 10 different story massage strokes which are used to help tell stories whilst delivering a fun engaging clothed  massage. Your little one will also have the opportunity to play with themed toys, take part in sensory and heuristic play, practice movements & stretching to songs and nursery rhymes before winding down and relaxing with bubbles and lights

Each session runs for approx 45 minutes, weekly over a 5 week course. Our different weekly themes encourages development, social skills, independent and group play as well as encouraging physical milestones and development 

Millie & Monty Baby Massage Workshops - £20/£23.50/£25 (location dependant)

In addition to classes where you learn how to fully massage your baby, one off workshops to tackle specific issues and ailments are offered. These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Daddy & Baby Massage 
  2. An introduction to baby massage - for newborns thru to 12 weeks
  3. Baby massage for colic - to help relieve symptoms and soothe little one
  4. Baby massage for constipation - to help relieve symptoms and get things moving naturally!
  5. Baby massage for Dads - bond with your baby and get to know other dads whilst learning a sleepy bedtime routine
  6. Baby massage for Bonding

Millie & Monty Seasonal Specials - £16/£17 (location dependant)

Throughout the year we run themed seasonal baby sessions for babies newborn thru to 1 year. These are held in Sittingbourne, Faversham & Whitstable and include but are not limited to:-

  1. Valentines Baby Party 
  2. Easter Bunny Funny
  3. Summer Spectacular
  4. Halloween Spooktacular
  5. Christmas Cracker 

Millie & Monty Mum & Baby Yoga Course £57/£61 (location dependant)

Join the Millie & Monty Mum & Baby Yoga Group to follow on from Baby Massage or as an alternative to Baby Massage. You will have the opportunity to relax, meet other mums and babies as well as interacting with your baby whilst learning some postnatal yoga based stretches, breathing and relaxation exercises and gentle infant stretches for little one. We also practice gentle core & pelvic floor movements which you do with your baby. These sessions run for approximately 60 mins weekly over a course of 5 weeks. Locations: Sittingbourne, Faversham & Whitstable

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