Benefits to your baby

one to one special time with parent which helps promote a strong bond, trust and the feeling of security and being loved

helps to regulate body temperate as your baby hasnt yet developed its internal temperature control

helps build your baby's confidence

gives your baby exposure to early social interaction

increases his/her own body awareness

allows your baby to communicate how they feel including likes and dislikes

aids and improves muscular and skeletal development

improves the maturity of the nervous system

improves your baby's circulation which helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen around the body

relaxes your baby and helps relieve stress and anxiety

Benefits to you

These benefits are applicable to any parent but are particularly benficial to first time mums and dads:-

builds your confidence in handling, touching and interacting with you baby

enables you to communicate with your baby through eye contact, touch and sound

gives you one to one time - special time with your new baby

helps you understand what your baby wants and needs by interpreting their body language and signs

develop a support network - you will be with other new parents who are in the same situation

promotes and enhances bonding process between you and your baby

it is very re-assuring and calming

gives you time to talk about common issues - bonding, crying, sleeplessness etc

Other benefits...

In addition to the benefits that baby massage gives you and your baby, reearch has shown that on a longer term basis:

your child is likely to need less visits to your GP and/or Health Visitor

you benefit from the support of your community and become part of the community

it can be beneficial for ailieviating the symptoms of post natal depression

your child is likely to grow up calmer

children who have been exposed to positive touch/massage have strong communication skills

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You and your baby could benefit from learning baby massage.

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