Portrait of beautiful pregnant woman having a massage in spa.

Pregnancy Massage

Gentle specialized massage for you throughout your pregnancy, right upto and including birth! Your massage will be totally bespoke and devised after finding out about you and your pregnancy. This also includes massage to help relieve the pain and symptoms of SPD / PGP during pregnancy

Side view portrait of a happy mother exercising raising her baby on the floor at home


Gentle massage to help relieve your post partum aches and pains, help restore your bodies equilibrium and allow you time to focus on you. Post natal Massage can also help stimulate or boost your milk production. This can be done with your baby in attendance so that you can feed as and when you need to.

Couple With Pregnant Woman Relaxing On Sofa Together

Couples Massage for labour

This is a short two hour workshop for you and your partner to find out how to safely use massage during your pregnancy and as part of your labour. You will also learn relaxation and breathing techniques as well as practicing birthing positions that can be used in conjunction with massage.