Massage in pregnancy can be a wonderful experience helping you to relax, your body during a period of change and prepare your body for birth. Pregnancy can put a strain on the body and massage can help to relieve aches, pains and other common health problems often experienced during this period. It offers a number of benefits to both you and your baby.

Towards the end of pregnancy many women find that there is a lot of preparation for their baby's arrival but it is also an important time for you to relax and take care of yourself. Massage can help provide you with some special rest time to help you relax and focus on your body and your baby.

Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by its mother and therefore it is important for you to stay as relaxed and stress free as possible. Massage is good for your baby as it has an indirect relaxing effect due to your body releasing increased levels of the 'feel good' hormone, oxytocin, and the milk stimulating hormone, prolactin, as a direct result of skin to skin stimulation.

Generally, the more relaxed you are during pregnancy, the more relaxed your pregnancy and labour can be.

Common Problems suffered by women during pregnancy

Massage is an effective way of helping to relieve or lessen the symptoms of:-

Shortness of breath




Stiffness in muscles/joins

Hormone imbalance

Lower back pain




Sinus Congestion

Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy

In addition to aiding the relaxation of both yourself and your baby, massage offers the following additional benefits for pregnant women:-

Strengthens core stability

Stabilises hormone levels

Reduces swellings due to increased circulation

Helps combat fatigue

Increases energy levels

Can help stabilise blood pressure

Increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients being circulated to both mum and baby

Helps maintain skin elasticity

Alleviates stress on weight bearing joints and in particular hips, lumbar spine and mid back

Encourages deeper and easier breathing

Can help relieve symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome

For most healthy women, pregnancy massage can be recieved safetly but there are a number of circumstances where it is not appropriate to recieve a massage. All of these would be discussed with you prior to any treatment taking place, and a GP's consent would be obtained if necessary.

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